LinkedIn is considered by many experts to be the premier online networking tool for professionals. However, the only way to make it into a successful tool is to use it correctly. The best way to do that is to understand how the site works and how you can maximize your profile to be seen by the right audience. Here are a few practical tips to help you create a profile that appears in searches on the site.


  1. Make it complete. LinkedIn uses specific algorithms that make connections based on relevancy to the search. The more complete your profile the more often you will appear in a relevant search. To do this, review your profile and fulfill the tasks required to make it 100% complete. This may include updating your experience or uploading a photo.
  2. Build your first tier connections. Your profile will also show up at the top of the list for people who are already connected to you. Spend time to grow your first tier connections by reaching out to individuals in your local area or your industry. Start with individuals who are part of your extended network and send them a customized message requesting they connect to you on the site.
  3. Use keywords. When a hiring manager or recruiter searches the site for specific skills they will use keywords that are typical for that industry. The site is designed to include keywords in various sections of your profile such as your headline, your job title, and your skills sections. Use the keywords most associated with your specific skill set to describe yourself and your experience. Consider all the possible combinations that recruiters might search.
  4. Make the best use of your contact information. This section is not sensitive to keyword searches so don’t waste the time adding them. Rather, focus on the practical way your connections can reach out to you. Include your phone numbers, your email, social media information, and any blogs or websites that are applicable.
  5. Look at your views. On the sidebar of your page you can see information on who has viewed your profile. This can provide some insight on the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile. The link takes you to a page containing a chart which will show you how many times your information has come up in a search. The first things to appear in a search are your photo and your headline so if you aren’t seeing the results you want to consider changing these two things.
  6. Look outside of LinkedIn. LinkedIn information also comes up in general web searches as well. Recruiters and hiring managers may be Googling for potential candidates for their open positions. If your profile is complete you may see more connections coming from outside the site as well.

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