Now that we are heading into the first of the year it is a good time to look at 2013 and see what kind of improvements you can make for your business. Have you thought about your employment screening process? If you look at your hiring success for the last year and see any red flags, now may be a great time to reevaluate your screening process and figure out the ways to improve it. Here are four things you can do to improve your hiring processes for the New Year.

  • Demanding the same person. Often, companies want to hire a replacement that is an exact replica of the employee leaving the same position. This can be a dangerous trap because no two people are alike. Waiting for exactly the same person will mean the job isn’t getting done and hiring the wrong person because you think they are the same can have dire consequences. Always treat candidates as individuals and judge them on their own merits.
  • Issues with letting go of ownership. Sometimes it is hard to give up ownership of a job, especially if there have been difficulties with it in the past. Don’t allow your outgoing employee to sabotage the hiring process. Also, don’t micromanage the hiring process by being afraid to give up the duties of the job to a new person just starting out with your company. This is a surefire way to alienate candidates who don’t feel that you trust them completely.
  • Poorly describing a job. Not surprisingly, job descriptions and online job postings can be the biggest barrier between the right candidate and filling the job. So often managers will attempt to describe the perfect person that they want to hire rather than sharing the details of the job to allow talented people to see themselves in the role. A too-specific job description rules out too many candidate and you may miss out on an opportunity. Start crafting your descriptions to advertise the job and entice someone to work with your company.
  • Unable to commit to a candidate. Another big trap that many managers fall into is an inability to commit to a candidate. All too often businesses will want to see who else is out there before making a hiring decision. When a qualified and talented candidate can’t get a commitment for the job they are likely to look elsewhere and you may lose out on someone who would have been an excellent fit.

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