Staffing agencies in Florida know that creating a good corporate brand is important. And passing that information on to our clients is equally as important. So is your corporate brand in line with who you really are as a company? Before you take another step, reevaluate your branding and determine if it fits with your corporate identity to attract not only the best clients but also the best employees. Here are some ideas to get you started and make your brand shine.

Start with a Reassessment

The first step is to look back on where you’ve been and determine if your current branding is still suitable for your company. Start at the beginning and review the steps you took to get where you are now. There will have been lots of changes along the way, but it is imperative that you know who you are and what your company represents.

Ask Who, What, Where, When, and Why

The important questions to ask are who are you and who are your clients. What services or products do you produce? Where does your company have the most impact? When is your company most successful? And why are you important in the community and the industry. Review how this informs your overall brand and identity.

Make Buy-In Easy for Your Team

In order to have a successful brand, you need your entire team to become brand ambassadors. How do they play into the success of your company? How does their contribution help move you forward? How much autonomy do you give them to share your company message?

Work with a Consultant

Lastly, you don’t have to develop your branding on your own. It is often helpful to have an expert to work with you on creating the right brand. It starts with a logo, but it doesn’t end there. A branding consultant can help you develop your overall look and design, your social media presence, and how you present yourself to the community and industry at large.

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