You may think that jobs in the city of Tampa aren’t easy to come by. The truth is, there are plenty of jobs available but the challenge many employers are having is ensuring that qualified employees stick with the job. Transportation can be an issue for many workers, so how do you make sure you’re on time for work when you don’t have a reliable way to get there? Here are some tips to help you get to work on time and keep your job.

Take Public Transportation

Depending on where you are in the Tampa area, public transportation may be a solution. The key to ensuring that this method is successful is to learn the schedule and be prepared to catch a ride on the early side of your day. It is better to be at work, or near work, before you start time than to arrive later. While no method is completely risk free, using public transportation in a responsible fashion can help you get to work on time every day.

Use a Ridesharing App

In today’s connected world, ride-share apps are making it easier for individuals to get around. Some of the big players in the market actually seek out communities to help with transportation issues, such as helping older adults who can no longer drive run simple errands. You can use these options as well for your commute.

Set Up a Carpool at Work

Another solution is to talk with your supervisor and coworkers to see who lives nearby and establish a carpool. This can help everyone in your department get to work on time and allow you all to share the burden of car maintenance, gas, and driving. This is also an excellent way to build community and be more responsible for your company and the environment.

Plan Your Day

The most important thing you can do is plan your day to ensure you are not going to be late to work. Whether you are able to drive your own car or need to rely on someone else, make sure you are giving yourself ample time. Without an appropriate plan, you may find yourself repeating the same mistakes over again, which won’t work for your long term professional career or your employers.

Find the Job That’s Right For You

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