Are you making some of the most common resume mistakes? Before you submit your resume for that next job, what should you be looking for? What can you improve to increase your chances of being called back for an interview? Here are some of the resume mistakes we see on a regular basis. Here is what to fix to be considered for city of Tampa jobs.

You Didn’t Edit for Spelling or Grammar

It may be surprising to realize that many job seekers don’t seem to proofread their resume. It is left with obvious typos, misspellings, and poor grammar. The instant reaction to these types of resumes is rejection. Your resume is your first impression, and if you can’t pay enough attention to these small details, how can the company expect you to do so on the job?

You Weren’t Specific Enough for the Job

Sending off a generic resume can also be a detriment to your job search. Sometimes this happens when a job seeker leaves on an unrelated objective statement. If you send a resume that says, “Seeking an administrative assistant role,” to an Accounts Payable position, you won’t be considered. You may want to customize your resume for each job. Or, you may want to leave off an objective statement all together to avoid this issue.

You Created a List of Duties Instead of Accomplishments

Resumes used to be a laundry list of skills, but that is no longer the case. Today’s employers want to be impressed by what you have accomplished in your career. Replace these lists of skills with the ways your skills impacted your previous employers. Rather than “Experience with Microsoft Excel,” you may say, “Used excel to create a spreadsheet to track incoming responses from clients to more efficiently create correspondence and lead generation.”

Your Resume is too Long

A good rule of thumb for your resume is to keep it two pages or less and don’t go back more than 10 years. But hiring managers see more in-depth resumes all the time. They don’t want to see a comprehensive list of everything you’ve ever done since you started working. They want to see a snapshot of what you can do for them now. Use only related experience and keep it short.

Your Contact Information is Incorrect

Finally, and this may seem like common sense, make sure that you are using the correct contact information on your resume. The most important methods are phone and email. You don’t even need to put your address unless you want the employer to know you’re local to their job. Other information may include your LinkedIn profile link or a link to your personal website.

Find the Job That’s Right For You

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