When your administrative assistant is out on extended leave, you probably have no hesitation about calling StaffEx for a temporary replacement.

But what happens when your CFO, even CEO, needs to take an extended leave? And what if you’re just about to launch a product, but your VP of Marketing decides to jump ship?

Allowing such critical positions to remain vacant can leave your company vulnerable, especially during critical times — and in today’s market, what times aren’t critical?

So when a manager, accountant, CFO, human resources director or other professional critical to your company’s success leaves your business for a few weeks, months or forever, think of StaffEx to find you someone to fill in in the interim.

Hiring a temporary contract executive, manager, director, etc. can help your company

run smoothly while you go through a reorganization or other transition take the time necessary to find the right high-level replacement for a critical vacancy

Having critical management in place also can help you avoid making costly mistakes. Many businesses go slowly south when critical leadership positions are vacant — employees slack off, projects get postponed, etc. But having a leader in charge — even for just a few months — can keep your the “momentum” of your company moving forward.

StaffEx sources seasoned managers, executive and other professionals who can step in and get things done from the very start. We hire only proven performers who hold the exact leadership and professional experiences and skills you seek.

If you’re a Tampa Bay area business who has a critical position to fill, let StaffEx find you a highly qualified professional to fill in. We can find you high-level talent who will help keep your business running smoothly. Contact us today.

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