It seems so simple, yet it is often one of the most overlooked aspects of running a successful business – keeping your employees happy. What makes it even more amazing that this is so often overlooked is the fact that it usually only requires one single thing – listening to your employees.

There is no one time when it is “more important” to listen to your employees than other times. When economic times are good, listening to your employees will allow you to keep the best talent. When times are difficult, listening allows you to boost morale, bonding your employees to you, and making it much less likely that they will leave when times get better again.

So what can companies do, both large and small, to ensure that they are listing to their employees and keeping them happy and engaged in the process? Let’s take a look.

The chasm between management and staff is often listed as one of the biggest reasons for communication difficulties in most companies. Staff members feel as if they are not listened to by management, and management can sometimes be concerned with dragging productivity down by “giving everyone a voice.”.

But here is an interesting observation – in many situations, employees do not necessarily want to be involved in decision making, nor do they want to take over control of a project.

They just want to know and feel that they are being heard.

It really is that simple. Let your employees know that their thoughts, ideas and opinions matter. Set aside a small block of time, even in small groups if necessary, to have a brief roundtable discussion whenever a decision is being processed at higher levels. Even if you have no plans to take the opinions of your employees under advisement, you will often be pleasantly surprised at what can come out of these discussions. On top of that, your employees will feel that their thoughts, ideas and opinions matter, and if you find yourself occasionally using an idea that comes up in one of these discussions (always publicly give due credit!!), you’ll further the sense that each employee has a stake in the process.

Engaged employees tend to be much happier employees. Happy employees are productive employees. It’s one of the best win-win situations you will ever find in business. And best of all? It’s so easy to do. Give it a try and watch some dramatic changes take place.

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