The cubicle.  It has taken over the workplace.  It’s where many employees spend the bulk of their workdays.

But cubicles are not known for their pleasant, attractive environments.  They are dull and drab and not much to look at.

So, if you’ve just moved into one, how can you liven things up a little?

The first thing to address is the physical aspect – the comfort of your cubicle.  Is your chair solid enough and in the right position?  If your lower back is bothering you by quitting time, or if you have to reach to use the computer keyboard, you will have to do some adjusting.  If your chair is in the right place, you should be able to rest your wrists easily on your desk and your lower back is getting the support it needs.

Another thing to think about is making it easy to use the items you have in your cubicle.  How easily can you get to the phone when you’re at the computer?  How difficult is it to read the print on the monitor?  Set things up so that they are easy to get to.  Also, if you need to, get a desk lamp to make sure you have enough light.  For more information about making your cubicle comfortable and easy to use, take a look at the website

Another thing to think about is the items you will need to do your job effectively.  In addition to the usual things – paper clips, stapler – what other items might you need?  Will you need a calendar, electronic or otherwise?  Will you need allergy pills, coffee mug, water bottle, reference books?

There are many ways to add color and life to your cubicle.  You might try some simple office plants, family pictures or colorful containers for some of your supplies.  You could even put some fruit in a bowl.  Other more personal touches include putting up the pennant of your favorite sports team or a poster of your favorite artist, or travel location.  Another possibility for brightening things up is posting comics from the newspaper or even a bumper sticker.

But remember to keep in mind that you need to have enough space open to be able to do your job effectively.  So, keep the clutter to a minimum.  Don’t let trash accumulate.  And it’s also a good idea to keep keyboard cleaner handy, and to wipe down your desktop and clean your screen regularly.

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