Achieving corporate success, and reaching success through motivating people, involves paying attention to three important factors – purpose, talent, and corporate culture.

Purpose is simply believing in what you are doing, feeling that it is important and worthwhile.  It is knowing why you became a part of your company and what the company is trying to achieve.

Trouble generally arises not with individual people themselves, or even the teams they work in, because individuals and the teams in which they work often have a clear understanding of their purpose.  The problem crops up between departments, where there is no shared purpose.  For example, it happens when designers produce something different from what the marketing department wants.

Things fall between the cracks.  But companies need to know how well the various departments are communicating and how well they understand what the purpose of the organization is.

Another component for success is talent.  Companies try to recruit the best talent they can, but then they waste it by simply giving people orders, squeezing them into the corporate ladder and giving them little leeway in what they may or may not do.

Google is an example of how to make the best use of talent. The company doesn’t wait to try and fit people into a predefined role, but they hire good talent when they see it.  And when they hire people, they let them know all about the company’s long-range strategy and goals, something not too many organizations do.  By doing this, they expect the employee to take the initiative in putting his or her skills and strengths to use in helping the company reach its goals.

Culture is all of the intangibles that help hold a company together.  One of those intangibles is trust.  Do employees trust each other to perform as part of a team?  Do they trust each other to work toward a shared goal?  Culture is often neglected, but business consultant Nilofer Merchant argues that culture can be a real accelerant to business success when it is coupled with purpose and talent.  In fact, she calls it the essential factor in determining innovation in a company and how well the company is able to outpace the competition.

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