Staffing services realize the value of honesty and integrity in their dealings with business clients and workers. To maintain high ethical standards, all staffing firms that are members of the American Staffing Association have agreed to abide by a code of ethics in dealing with businesses and workers.

If you are a business or worker dealing with staffing firms, knowing these standards may help in evaluating different services.

Each staffing company has promised to operate according to high ethical standards in all its business practices. Those standards include the following guidelines:

  • Agencies have agreed to spell out to workers exactly what their pay will be, what benefits they will get, what hours they will work, and any other terms connected with the assignment. The agencies have pledged to give this information to the workers before they take on an assignment. Agencies have also declared they will be prompt in paying workers,
  • The staffing firms also have pledged to fulfill the employer’s responsibility to pay social security, unemployment insurance taxes, and workers’ compensation. And they are obliged to explain to workers the firm’s duty to pay these fees.
  • The staffing agencies also have the responsibility to determine if the work sites are safe environments, that the worker understands the kind of work he or she will be doing, and that he or she has the ability to do the work. The agencies also are obligated to ensure that the worker gets any safety training and equipment that he or she may need.
  • In addition, the firms have the responsibility to handle quickly any questions, concerns, or complaints that a worker may have about working conditions that may not be safe, or questions involving discrimination, or any other issues related to the terms and conditions of their employment.
  • Also as part of the code of ethics, firms have pledged to treat all workers with respect, and to abide by all of the legal requirements regarding equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability.
  • The firms have also pledged to be honest in advertising and to send only the most qualified workers to each client. They have promised to evaluate all workers to determine what their experience and qualifications are.

Whether you’re a company in the Tampa Bay area or someone who’s looking for work, you can rest assured that StaffEx follows the above ethical standards to the letter. Contact us today so that we may talk to you more about how we can find you great workers or a terrific new position. We look forward to hearing from you.

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