Finding great talent is only part of the hiring equation. You also have to make sure each new candidate is engaged with the opportunity. You want your next interviewee to sit across the desk from you and tell you why they are interested in working for your company. How do you achieve this? Here are tips for engaging your applicants.

  1. Job descriptions are marketing opportunities. While you certainly need to include the requirements of the job in your posting, there is also some wisdom in creating a description that will make candidates stop and take notice. Use marketing principles to write a job posting that will draw an applicant in, and make them dream of nothing else than to work for your company. Share a little about how this job impacts the overall success of the company. Include information about your company culture, such as a casual dress code, work from home policies, or monthly sales meetings with entertainment and cocktails. Share whatever details make your company stand out from the competition.
  2. Draw talent into your community. Creating a sense of community around your company is important in a world where social engagement and networking has become the normal means of communication. Create your online brand, social media, and interactive forums to encourage conversation, with and between, potential future candidates. If you create a community that is engaging and active, then you should be able to attract talent to your door before you even need to advertise a job.
  3. Go beyond the job description. Now is the time to share the most intimate information with potential applicants. Talk to your hiring managers and your team members for insights on what this job is all about and what it is like working for your company. Present this information in the most creative and engaging way possible. Write blog posts that share your company values and vision. Create a video or podcast that can share your company with your audience. Develop a Pinterest pin-board to share visuals about your company, products, and environment.

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