It’s summertime and your employees are getting restless. It isn’t unusual to have that drop in production between Memorial Day and Labor Day as people are thinking about the beach rather than their jobs. Consider these ways to make some subtle changes in your office environment to re-engage employees and make them happier this summer.

  1. A voluntary employee wellness program. Create a culture of health in your office by offering discounted gym memberships, allowing employees to sign up for a lunchtime walk, replacing candy and soda with healthy snacks and water in your break room, and maybe even bringing in a massage therapist. Consider the creative and healthy things you can do for your employees.
  2. A summertime work schedule.  It is hard to compete with daydreams about the beach and the desire to lay out by the pool. Consider offering a flex schedule or a time bank where employees can have some additional time off. Perhaps 4, 10 hour workdays during the week with either every Friday off or a rotating schedule among your staff to ensure coverage.
  3. Job growth and development. It is easy to slow down in the summer and not want to focus on the job. This is a great time to offer additional training, establish new goals, and have celebrations for big accomplishments.
  4. Redecorate. It might be time to reconsider your office layout and décor. Talk to your employees about how they feel about their environment. Can you improve the mood simply by changing the colors? Does it make sense to reorganize the cubicles? You might even find that the employees think it gets to hot and stuffy in the office and setting the air conditioner at a lower temperature can help get the blood flowing.
  5. Social enterprise. Are you noticing your employees sneaking some peeks at their own Facebook pages throughout the day? They may spend less time there on Mondays but by Friday they are using valuable company time chatting with friends online. The solution isn’t to restrict social media but to harness it. Offer an internal social network that can help different departments collaborate with one another.
  6. Reconsider time wasters. Is that weekly meeting really necessary or do your employees dread it? They know that audit is required but that doesn’t make it any easier to slog through. Consider how to streamline these kinds of requirements and offer ways to make them more engaging.

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