When you’re interviewing for a position it is up to you to present your skills and background as a product that the hiring manager, as your customer, will see as a benefit to their organization. So how do you know what sets you apart from your competition? Consider these ways to determine your strengths and be able to present them on your next interviews.

  1. Seek feedback. Think about 5 to 15 people or more who know you well and can give you an unbiased response. Look at former co-workers, people with whom you’ve volunteered, and friends. Ask them to write a short email for your information only that gives you a snapshot of you at the top of your game. This will give you an opportunity to see what others think are you strengths.
  2. Make connections. Once you receive the information back, read through it all to see what patterns emerge. Are their words or common phrases that everyone uses to describe you? Make a list of the attributes that they describe and write down some of the examples that best showcase the traits. You can use these phrases or keywords as a starting point for developing your own perspective.
  3. Self-portrait. Now that you know what others think of you, it is time to sit down and write out what you think of yourself. Using these profiles from your closest friends and colleagues, write a bio that describes who you are at your very best and how you can contribute to a team. Really think through how you have helped organizations and individuals in the past.
  4. Take action. Once you have a description of what makes you the best at your position, it is time to determine what actions will best showcase your experience. Create an action plan based on your research of the company. Determine how your background fits in with their needs and go to work to become a problem solver. You want to show the hiring manager that you will be able to start making a difference on day one.

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