As you know, in our global business word where everyone has a strong online presence you need to develop your company brand. Once you have your identity and it is easily recognizable across your website and social media platforms how do you leverage it to attract customers and future employees? How do you actively live and promote your brand? Holding yourself to your own values is the best way to attract like-minded people to your open jobs. Here are some tips for leveraging your internal brand.

  • Align your values. One great way to share your corporate mission with your core audience is to create interactive media or videos that promote your message. Make sure that all of your sites are aligned to show the same personality of your company. Use easily available and free tools to create an online presence that will engage readers and keep them returning to your website to learn more. Always be of service. Your social media should be 80% education and 20% self-promotion. Create informative videos about your business and product as well as testimonials and helpful tips.
  • Employee connection and engagement. Your current employees need to be your first and most important brand ambassadors. You want to create an environment where everyone is excited about the work you’re doing and their role in the process. If this is the case you will begin to see language change from “the company stands for these values” to “we stand for these values.” Your team can help spread your message on social media both formally and informally.
  • Continuous reinforcement. Promoting your brand is a constant job within your company as well as outside to your customers and potential candidates. Reinforcing your company brand to your long term employees is as important as training your new team members. Continuously revisit the branding as part of your team building exercises or reward programs. Your current staff will respond much better to your company culture if it is consistent and aligned with their personal values. If you hire based on these criteria you will begin to create a workforce that lives your company brand and mission.

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