Too often hiring managers treat their decision as an impulse purchase. For example, you met a candidate who seems to check all the boxes and you are immediately in love with their personality. They may even remind you of you early in your career. Your decision is made on the spot but it doesn’t take long for you to realize you’ve made a mistake. After the employee begins working you notice the flaws you should have seen during the interview process. Change the way you think about the hiring process and treat it like an investment. Here are some ways you can be successful at hiring the right candidate the first time.

  1. Develop interviewing benchmarks. Before you schedule the first interview develop a list of questions to ask each candidate. This will give you an opportunity to compare apples to apples and determine which candidate is best suited for your job environment. Don’t only focus on their resume and job experience, ask questions that allow you to see their critical thinking skills. After all of the interviews go back and review all of the answers together.
  2. Utilize drug and background checks. This type of independent information can help you determine if a candidate is suitable for your employment. You want to hire responsible candidates who match your company core values. Establish criteria for acceptable results and test each and every candidate you’re considering. Your local staffing company can assist by providing these services as part of their cost.
  3. Don’t skip references. While many corporations have a policy to only provide dates of employment it is important to try to get as much background information as possible. Your candidates should have a few connections that can give more than cursory facts and can tell you a bit about their work style. This is also a service your local staffing agency can assist with so talk with them about how they can help.
  4. Provide stellar training and support. 22% of new employees leave before they have completed 45 days on the job. Most cite lack of training and support as their reasons for failing. Spend some time onboarding your new employee to educate them about the company culture and find out more about how they learn best. Don’t wait for their 90 day review to follow up with them.

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