Manager and employees alike have a responsibility to their careers and their companies to consistently improve their skills and productivity. Have you reevaluated your personal productivity in the work place recently? As we begin the downward slope of the year heading for the holidays and 2014 it is a good time to look at the way you work and make changes to improve. Here are six things you can review and improve on before the end of this year.

  • The difference between Goal and Objective. Often in business these two words are interchangeable but they do have very different meanings and purposes. Goals are broad and often un-measurable. They are what you are trying to achieve. An objective can be validated and are often a means to reach the goal. Review your goals and establish objectives to achieve them.
  • What are your specifics? There are a lot of questions to ask yourself when you are determining how to be more productive. Beyond knowing your goals and objectives it is important to know the benefits and the actions required. The more focused you are with your achievements the more likely you will finish them.
  • Measure your progress. As you look at your goal and the objectives that can lead you to it you need to establish benchmarks along the way. Each time you reach a set point on your timeline you can measure the progress of your project. All of the quantifiable data will be important to understanding the success of your task.
  • Establish your control. Of course, each of your objectives is only possible in as much as you have control over the process. What is your role in the project and is your goal attainable? Don’t just look at the physical objectives but consider the psychological ones. Is this a goal that you have a desire to accomplish? You will only be engaged if the project enriches you.
  • Have the right tools and resources. You are only able to complete the project if you have all the right tools at your fingertips. Look at what you need to accomplish each objective and, ultimately, your goal. If the objective is not realistic for you to accomplish you may need to rethink the scope of the project and your role in it.
  • Give yourself a time limit. Once you set a deadline you begin to focus on the project differently. Without it the steps can take far too long and the goal may no longer be important as you meander across the finish line. This gives you a clear picture of how quickly you need to work to accomplish each objective and will help keep you on track.

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