Every hiring manager needs to have effective interviewing techniques in their back pockets before speaking with candidates. The way you ask the important questions is crucial to determining if the candidate is a right fit for your job. How do you really get to know a potential employee before their first days or weeks at your company? Here are three questions you can ask in the interview that can help you learn everything you need to know before making a hiring decision.

  1. What motivates you on the job? This question will get to the heart of how this employee works on a day to day basis. You want to know how they interact as part of a team, what kind of office environment they excel in, and how they handle stressful situations. You want to know how his employee engages with their duties and you will learn if they are a match for your company culture. If the employee thrives on pressure of last minute deadlines they may not be a fit for your creative environment. If the employee likes to be left alone to complete their work they won’t handle your collaborative workplace.
  2. What are the things you excel at in your job? Every employee has a different set of abilities. This is different than their experience. What you want to know how they function on the job. If someone is really good at sales they may be a great fit for a very client focused job. If they are very good at special projects they are likely a creative thinker. If they are excel at accounting then they probably want to be a heads down worker. These things can also tell you how they will integrate into your office environment.
  3. Were you happy in your last job? This question will get down to the candidate’s personality. You want to know what makes them engaged. You want to know the employee’s behavioral reactions to situations to know whether or not their personality will blend with the other personalities in your company. If they say they were not it is important to find out why. Was there too much stress? Were there issues with coworkers or management? All of these things can drill down to their suitability for your company.

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