It is so easy for employees to wind down their enthusiasm for the job as the end of the year approaches. Family obligations, parties, and outside influences will pull their attention away from the office and to other things. In spite of the cheerful season, stress is a big problem this time of year. How can you encourage your team to be productive during the holiday season? Here are a few creative incentives you can use to motivate your employees.

  1. An extra vacation day. Whether you give your team a day off to finish their holiday shopping or to put up a tree and decorate their homes, an extra day off during this busy season is highly appreciated. If you need to ensure office coverage, stagger the days off among your employees. This time of year can often be slow for business so take advantage of it to allow your employees time to decompress.
  2. New office equipment. Is there something in your office that is causing more frustration than it is helping? If you need a new printer or copier now would be a great time to invest in a gift for the office. Your team will be delighted that this office nightmare has been solved and your gift will be more appreciated than any other empty gesture.
  3. Close for a half day and have a party. A holiday party is intended to lift everyone’s spirit and spread cheer, but not when everyone is feeling stressed about things going on in the office. Show your employees that their well-being matters to you by closing the office early one Friday afternoon and hosting a holiday party. To save money, have the party in house and bring in pizza and beer. If you want to splurge, host a dinner at a local restaurant for employees and their spouses.
  4. An after work movie night. As an alternative to a traditional holiday party, invite your team and their families for a movie night right in the office. Set up some comfy seating in break or board room and watch holiday classics like Miracle on 34th Street or A Christmas Carol. Serve hot cocoa and popcorn.  Encourage the kids and their parents to dress in their PJs.

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