As a job seeker it is important that you communicate why you are an excellent candidate for an employer. Set yourself apart from the competition in 2014. If you’re looking for ways to establish your position as a prime candidate there are four simple tips you can follow now to change your job search.

  1. Be a unique candidate. The single most important thing you can do is differentiate yourself from 99% of the candidates a company talks with. Don’t do anything that might be considered offensive or aggressive, but try to find your own voice in the job market. For instance, you may create a Pinterest resume that showcases the work you’ve done in a visual way. You may want to start a blog that shows you are subject matter expert.
  2. Don’t get stuck on the job title. When you’re reviewing job postings on line, don’t get caught up in what the job title says. Really dig down into the meat of the opportunity. Just because you’ve never been an administrative assistant before doesn’t mean you haven’t had experience with calendar management or inter office communications. Look beyond the job title and write a cover letter that entices a hiring manager to look further into your experience.
  3. First impressions happen before your first meeting. In today’s super-connected online world first impressions don’t happen when you walk through the door of their office. It is important to evaluate your online presence. Google yourself to see what comes up. Have another look at your Facebook privacy settings to make sure your party photos aren’t publically visible. Ensure that your Twitter uses a professional tone.
  4. Create a social media strategy. Now that you’ve make sure that your social media information isn’t negatively impacting you, it is important to use these tools to your advantage. Make sure you have a complete LinkedIn profile that showcases your professional experience in a positive way. Use your blog to attract followers, including potential employers. Want to try something different? Put an ad on Facebook for you as a job candidate. You’ll be surprised who might see it.

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