Are you familiar with the concept of inbound job marketing? This is a response from many job seekers who have become frustrated with the traditional job hunt. To do it you use media and sales techniques to attract people in your field to you instead of reaching out to them with resumes and through job postings. Here are some tips for approaching your job search as an inbound job seeker.

  • Attract people in your industry. This is the first step to creating your inbound marketing plan. It should consist of equal parts in-person networking and online content creation. Starting with a website that you can design to be a portfolio for your work, add a blog that positions you as a leader in your industry. Post about what you know, why you know it, and how your knowledge can help others. In-person networking shouldn’t be limited to job fairs and conferences. You should speak with anyone you meet because you never know what they do for a living. Don’t target specific companies in this step; just build your industry network.
  • Target the best employers. The next step of the process is to create filters and determine who fits your career development and personality the best. Be specific. What are the things you’re looking for in a company? What kind of career path are you seeking? Create your list of target companies and work out your strategies for reaching out to them. Begin by interacting with their online content on social media and their blog. Find individuals within that company and follow them on twitter and other sites as well. You want them to recognize your name before they ever see your resume.
  • Make the sale. Most job search strategies are focused on just this aspect of the search. They fail to realize that every step you take before submitting your resume is equally as important as the resume itself. Each stage before this point allows you to interact and add value to your target employers. A hiring manager may only give a few moments to a resume, but if they have seen your name before on a blog, they may be more likely to contact you.

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