Have you been working temporary jobs to fill in the gaps as you continue to look for a permanent job? If so, it may be helpful to know how to put this on your resume. Resume writing is a fine art and takes some creative planning when your employment has been non-traditional. Everyone you speak with will offer different advice about how to format a resume so it is important to know what you should include and leave off. Here are three simple ways you can showcase your temporary employment on your resume.

  • Include the staffing services as your primary employers. Start with the name of each service you’ve worked with. Provide dates of employment just like you would a traditional employer. If you are still working with the service include “to Present,” even if you’re not on an assignment. List the individual temporary assignments below the heading and include your duties and skills on the assignment. The staffing company will become your reference as well, especially if you built a relationship of trust with them.
  • Showcase your accomplishments on assignments. Often, temporary employees will work with several agencies and on several projects. It is important to share how you benefited the client company on each assignment. Your potential new employer can see that you are a value in any situation. It can also show how flexible you are in your roles. Quantify this information as much as possible with data and numbers.
  • Also include names and dates for clients. Below each staffing company heading and the overall dates, list each individual assignment using the name of the client. Also provide the length of time you were in each temporary role. This demonstrates how long you were a temporary employee and how long each assignment lasted. This will give the hiring manager a picture of how long you worked and how you were utilized by the staffing company. It may also help the employer know the kind of office environment in which you thrive.

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