LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most important tool available to job seekers today. More than just a passing fad, LinkedIn allows potential employers to view candidate information right at their fingertips. Are you doing everything you can to maximize your LinkedIn profile? Here are some things you should be doing on your LinkedIn page to give yourself every possible advantage in the job market.

  1. Spice up your headline. Don’t go overboard with description or use inappropriate language, but use your headline to pack a punch. The LinkedIn headline is one of the first things people see when they view you in a search. It defaults to your most recent job title but it doesn’t have to stay that way. For example, if you are an Executive Administrative Assistant edit your headline to read, “Executive Level Administrative Support Specialist | Calendar Management, Organization, Expert at Microsoft Office.”
  2. Request recommendations from trusted sources. Waiting until you’re on the job market to ask for recommendations is a sure way to raise suspicion with your current employer. Instead, make it a habit to request one recommendation a month from someone in your network. You may not get them all but you will begin to build a solid list of references that will be accessible for employers searching the site.
  3. Engage with groups and networks. The best way to use this site is to participate in the conversation. Join groups to ask and answer questions. Select groups based on your industry, your area, or shared interests and experiences such as an alumni group for your college. The more you engage the more actively LinkedIn will recognize your profile and the algorithms will make it visible for more searches.
  4. Update every week. Another big mistake LinkedIn users make is not updating their status enough. Try to update it once a week to show projects you’re working on, share other blogs you find interesting, or promote an upcoming event. This keeps you at the top of the page for your connections as they read the LinkedIn news.
  5. Check or route email. LinkedIn offers an email service as part of their website. Many people will simply click on the button to send a message to another LinkedIn user. Often these emails get missed if the LinkedIn inbox is checked infrequently. Be sure to check it daily or at least weekly or set up your account to forward LinkedIn mail to the email account you use most often.

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