Hiring is not inexpensive. Because of these costs advertising, prescreening, and vetting candidates can seem challenging. The costs also include salaries, benefits, and employment related taxes for each employee. A bad hire can cost a company even more with lost productivity and the need to go through the process again. There is good news. Working with a staffing company can take some of the guess work out of hiring. Temp to hire staffing is an option that agencies offer your business to mitigate the risks of hiring.

4 Things to Know About

Temp-to-Hire Employment

  • The temp to hire process. Recruiters with the agency are responsible for all pre-employment steps for each candidate. They handle the advertising, sourcing, and resume screening. They make the initial contact with the candidates to discuss the open position. They initiate skills evaluations and any pre-screening, such as drug tests or background checks, required by your organization. After they have selected the most qualified candidates they submit them for your review and work with you to schedule interviews.
  • A probationary period of employment. After you choose a candidate they can begin to work for your company on a temp to hire basis. The time frame may vary based on your agreement with the agency but the most common duration is 90 days. While they are on the temp to hire assignment they will work directly with you so you can see how they perform, handle the duties, and fit in with the company. During this time you will be invoiced by the staffing company for an agreed upon amount that will cover not only the employee’s pay rate but also the associated fees with employment.
  • Providing feedback. A crucial component of the temp to hire agreement is to communicate effectively with your staffing provider to share feedback about the employee’s overall performance. Your recruiter or account manager will contact you usually once a week by phone or email to see if there are any issues with performance or attendance. If you are concerned about anything, this is the time to share it. You are also welcome to share positive feedback.
  • The transition to perm employment. After this probationary period is up, you can elect to hire the employee onto your company’s payroll. As long as you have met the terms of your staffing provider’s contract, you can simply roll them onto your payroll system and continue the employment relationship. However, if you are dissatisfied at any time within the 90 day period let the recruiter know and they will replace the employee without any additional cost. If you decide to hire someone before the 90 days is up your staffing provider will assess a buyout fee based on the number of hours the employee did work for you.

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