After your interview the ball is in their court, right? Absolutely wrong. As a job seeker your job is not over once you step out of the interview. The next move is actually yours. If you’re not following up after your interviews this may be the mistake that is costing you the job.

4 Tips for Professionally Following Up After an Interview

Ask About a Time Frame.

Following up the right way starts in the interview itself. When you’re given the opportunity to ask questions make sure one of them is about when they expect to fill the position. This will give you a reasonable time frame to plan your next move.

Get Contact Information.

Also, never leave the interview without the card of your interviewer and anyone else you met. If they don’t offer you one, ask before it is too late. You can’t send a follow up note if you don’t have any contact information.

Send a Thank You Note.

As soon as you get home, or the next morning at the latest, make sure you send a thank you note. Sending a hand written note is still considered a good move and it can really push an interview into a positive place. However, it is also acceptable to send an email to make sure that your message is received quickly. Reiterate things that you shared in your discussion and your interest in the position.

Follow Up in a Week.

Remember when you asked them when they planned to make a decision? This is the reasons why. If they planned to make a decision more than a week out makes sure you follow up exactly one week from the interview date. If they said they weren’t sure follow up the next Friday. If it was less than a week use your thank you note as your follow up.

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