When you’re interviewing for a particular position you, of course, want to make sure that you hire someone who is competent with their skills. However, there is another piece of the puzzle to consider. Does their work style fit in with your already established team? If your current team is made up of heads down workers and you bring in a chatty individual, you may upset the current balance of things in a negative way. Here are three interview questions that can help you assess a candidate’s overall work style before you make a hiring decision.

What is your primary motivation?

What makes this employee want to do a good job? How will they contribute to the company? You need to know if their motivational style is compatible with your current company culture. Some people may be motivated by money while another may simply find satisfaction in coming up with creative solutions to a problem. Hiring someone who is incompatible with your company’s current style may not work out long term.

Describe a day in the life of your last job.

You don’t necessarily want to know about every last detail but you do want to know how they accomplish their work each day. Are they the kind of type A personality who makes a list and sticks to it? Or they might be a little more free-spirited solving problems as they occur.

How do you work with others?

Finally, you want to know how they have worked with others in their past jobs and see how the might fit in with their current team. Don’t just ask about coworkers but find out what kind of management style they prefer. Ask them what they do if they find themselves in a difficult situation with someone they don’t like. You also want to know how they treat clients and customers. Ask them when they’ve had to deal with an angry customer and how they handled it.

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