Summertime in Florida can be brutal, so it is critical that both employees and employers know how to stay safe with the searing heat.

If you’re working at a job where you may spend most of the day outside or in a non-climate-controlled environment take note of these tips to prevent heat-induced illness in the summer.

Prevent Heat Illness in Florida as Summer Heats Up

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is critical when you’re outside in the summer sun. Even if you’re not thirsty take time to drink water every fifteen minutes or so. Dehydration accounts for a high number of hospitalizations due to heat exhaustion. Keep water on hand or ask your employer if they have water available for their employees to access.

Take Breaks to Cool Down

Seek shade too cool off. When you’re working outside make sure that you aren’t always standing in direct sunlight. Between tasks, take a few moments to step into the shade and allow yourself to cool down. This is a good time to drink water and slow your heart rate.

Dress Appropriately

Your clothes DO matter when you’re working in the sun. While you have to conform to the company’s dress code you can choose your wardrobe wisely. Wear light colors and avoid black. Use breathable fabrics. Wear a hat to keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes.

Be Conscious of Sunburn

Dehydration and heat exhaustion aren’t the only things to worry about when you’re in the sun. Sunburn can be painful in the short term and lead to major health concerns in the long term. Use a sunscreen to keep any exposed skin from being vulnerable. Remember to reapply throughout the day.

Watch for Warning Signs in Others

It is important that you can spot signs of heat sickness in others. Your coworkers may not notice their own distress until it is too late. Be aware of it for yourself, but also keep an eye out for others with whom you’re working. Remember, the life you save may not even be your own if you’re aware of the dangers.

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