What is in a job title? When you’re searching for new candidates you are likely to review job titles on their resume and their LinkedIn profile so it stands to reason that you would use formal job titles in your own advertising. But this could be exactly the wrong approach. Because job titles aren’t static anyone can call what they do by any name, and you can do the same with the jobs you’re sourcing.

To attract the best candidates you need to start with a great title that will get them interested and motivated. Here are some thoughts for crafting your next job posting and new job title.

Avoid Corporate Speak

You may feel the need to title the job using the language of the industry. It is a great way to weed out the candidates who don’t know how to do what you’re asking, right? Well, it doesn’t always work that way. Job titles need to feel accessible and you may be ruling out people who are qualified just by your choice of lingo. Be more general but not too general.

Make it Mean Something

There was a big trend a few years ago to replace the term “receptionist” with the “director of first impressions.” While this sounds great in theory in practice it actually turns out to be more condescending than not. A receptionist is an actual function. Front office manager would be a good alternative. But a made up phrase only feels like you’re trying to create something out of nothing. No one should be ashamed for wanting to be a receptionist.

Encourage Growth

A job title should be static, right? Actually, you may want to create a job title that is more fluid. Sure a Security Manager is a clear and precise title but does it have any energy to it? Instead consider something such as “Experienced Security Management Role.” This lets people know it isn’t entry level but there may be room for growth moving forward.

Create Excitement

A job title doesn’t have to be overly basic either. Stay away from cutesy ideas but instead replace them with titles that make someone genuinely interested in applying. For example, and Executive Administrative Assistant is a fine title. But the Administrative Assistant to the President and CEO may have more spark for some candidates.

Are You Writing Job Titles that Attract Attention? 

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