When a top employee wants to leave, you can find yourself in devastating position as a business owner. Some of your employees will have skills that you can’t replace. You will lose revenue and time while you search for someone else to fill those shoes. And, when one person leaves it can set off a chain reaction with the rest of your staff. How do you keep your top employees from walking out the door? Here are some ideas that really work.

Review Your Salary Package

The important thing is to determine why your top employees are leaving. Do they feel like they have no room for growth? Is their salary stagnant where they are now? Look at and Glass Door to determine if your pay rates are competitive with your current market and make adjustments to keep these star employees happy.

Look at Added Benefits

Maybe the issue is your health insurance plan or other benefits. Is there a benefits package that could help keep your employees engaged? Maybe their life circumstances have changed and they need to insure a spouse or children but the cost is too high with your company. Look at what you can do to make changes.

Revamp Your Schedule

There might also be ways that you can entice your employees to reengage with your company by making changes to the schedule. Could work from home options be feasible for your company? Maybe a flexibility schedule can help with school schedules or avoiding traffic. There may be creative solutions to time management that would work best.

Provide Office Perks

Lastly, don’t forget the little things. A gym membership, healthy snacks, or a time bank program could all help reinvigorate your staff and keep them happy. What kinds of creative extra perks can you provide? These don’t even have to be costly. And, don’t forget how far a thank you can go to show an employee that they are valued.

Improve the Office

It may sound cosmetic, and it is, but your employees deserve to work in an environment that makes them happy. Create an environment that reflects your corporate culture, has comfortable work and break spaces, and lots of natural lighting. If your staff can’t get the same office culture from a competitor, they may be less likely to consider a big change.

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