Your employees spend more time in the day at your office than they do in their own homes. At home, they decorate a space with colors, décor and photos that make them feel good and reflect their personality. But they only see it for a few hours at night. You want to give your employees an opportunity to work in a comfortable space throughout the day so they are productive, engaged and happy. While you can’t customize your workplace for each individual, you can create an environment that makes everyone happy. Here are just a few idea.

Change the color.

Is your office gray? If so, this might actually be contributing to the sluggishness of your staff in the afternoon. Warm colors help people stay motivated so consider painting your house using golds, browns, or rusts. Or, talk to your staff about their favorite colors and incorporate them in the officescape. For example, blue tends to be calming but it is also a favorite shade for a lot of people so blue might make them happy.

Use natural lighting.

No one wants to get up and work under glaring fluorescent lights every day. In fact, that kind of lighting is harsh and unforgiving so your employees may tire more easily if they are the only source of light. Do what you can to allow natural light in the office. You may need to remove cubes so everyone has a view of the windows.

Bring in healthy snacks.

After lunch, when your staff is starting to crash, they may seek out coffee, caffeinated sodas, or sugary snacks to keep them going. But these don’t actually give them more than a burst of artificial energy. Instead, offer healthy snacks, like fruit, and bottles of water.

Make their desk their space.

Another great way to make your staff comfortable is to give them some autonomy over their own work stations. They can be allowed to put up photos or children’s drawing. They may have music, with headphones, to help them feel motivated throughout the day. You can establish some rules, but give them the space to express themselves.

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