Mistakes happen. In fact, they probably happen pretty frequently.

However, the true test of a successful person is how they handle the mistakes and what they do after the fact. Your team will inevitably make mistakes, both small and big ones. Before it stops them in their tracks, it is important to find a way that they can use these lessons to become better professionals.

As a manager, you can help them. Before you blow up or the situation becomes worse, consider the ways the mistake can be used as a learning opportunity and to improve your processes.

4 Ways to Learn From Your Mistakes at Work

Encourage Them to Take Responsibility

Never allow your employees to play the blame game when something goes wrong. Most people have this instinct out of self-preservation because they are worried about retribution. Make sure you create an environment that allows people to feel comfortable to take responsibility for their own actions.

Make Sure They Are Accountable

Once they have managed to take responsibility for their mistakes, encourage them to be accountable. Accountability is a different thing and it means not only being responsible for an error but owning up to it to the people who were most affected. This will help build their credibility as they are dealing with the fallout from the mistake.

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Give Them the Tools to Fix It

You can’t expect your team to solve a problem if they don’t have access to the right tools to make it happen. Ultimately, you are responsible for the failings of your company regardless of who caused the problem. So, part of your responsibility as a business owner or manager is helping your staff create solutions that will repair any damage.

Create the Means to Prevent Them

The last step is to ensure that processes are put in place that will help prevent the same or similar mistakes from happening again. While it is difficult to be proactive when you don’t know what could happen, it is important to be positively reactive when they do. This will help everyone learn from potentially costly mistakes.

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