A promotion is usually a great moment of celebration. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, so why shouldn’t you be excited about it? But there are often many considerations when accepting a promotion and whether or not you are promoted ahead of your colleagues can be one of the most intimidating ones. Should you be worried about advancing quicker than your peers? Here are some things to consider in your new job.

Lean on Mentors for Advice

Before you become too intimidated, it is important to know that you are not the first person to feel this pressure. And, for that reason, it is important to develop mentor relationships throughout your career. Talk to the people in your life who have transition to leadership roles. You can even talk to your predecessor in the company or the person who promoted you to help you with advice.

Never apologize for Your Position

It is also critical to know that you never need to apologize for your success. Never start a request with, “I’m sorry, but.” You were given this position for a reason and by apologizing when you ask for work to be done you undermine your new authority as a manager.

Recognize Performance Issues

The first performance issue you should recognize is your own. There was a reason you were promoted over your coworkers and it is because you demonstrated a higher value to your employer. Now, begin to look at everyone’s performance critically and understand when to praise and when to correct the work that is being done.

Develop Solutions, Not Excuses

Managers succeed when they are solutions oriented. Rather than determining why you can’t do something, start with all the ways you can try to make it work. When you hear someone being negative or making excuses within your organization steer them toward solutions based ways of thinking about a problem.

Learn to Delegate

Finally, to be effective as a leader you need to know that you can’t do everything. In fact, in many ways you shouldn’t be responsible for any of the day to day work that you once did. Instead, learn to delegate tasks to your employees and trust them to do the work they were hired for without micromanagement.

Find the Job That’s Right For You

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