Regardless of the work you do there will be times in your career where you will need to interact with others on the job. In fact, the secret to success could actually be in developing relationships with your coworkers. That’s right, if you connect more with the people you work with, you may start to see improvement in your performance and your career path.

4 Reasons You Should Connect with your Co-Workers 

The Spirit of Collaboration

They say two heads are better than one. It is true that when you work with someone else you are both more likely to be inspired toward action. Collaboration can help everyone involved see new possibilities. They can help you get unstuck or come up with completely new ideas. Many organizations are embracing a more collaborative environment and younger workers embrace the concept easily.

Time Spent at Work Versus Home

You will spend much more time at work with your co-workers than with your family in an average week. That is an astounding statistic and can be troubling in some cases. But if you’re happy with the people in your office, this can be a more pleasant situation.

Share Creative Ideas

Connecting with your coworkers also opens up the door to new innovative ideas that can help your company advance. Creative ideas come out of shared passion for the work you do and strong relationships with your coworkers can be the spark that ignites them. Even when your ideas are different, you can often develop better creative solutions by working together.

Learn to Prioritize Teamwork

Finally, it is important to make sure that you are prioritizing the right relationships at work. While talking about the last episode of Game of Thrones can be a great distraction for few moments, it can become a problem if those are the only interactions you’re having. Instead, be sure to balance the conversation with appropriately personal discussions and a professional exchange of ideas.

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