Goal setting and execution is a time-honored tradition. The most successful people know that simply stating a goal is not the same as achieving it, you have to earn it. What are the best ways to establish your goals and begin to work toward them? Can better goal organizing help you be more successful? Before you jump in with both feet, consider starting with writing them down and creating a plan of attack. Here are some thoughts to get you started.

The Difference Between a Goal and a Task

Part of the reason people get caught up in the minutia of goal setting is that they can’t often separate the goal from that tasks that allow you to reach the goal. Once you determine what your long-term goal is, you can figure out the steps to take along the way. These individual tasks will require different attention than the goal itself.

Establish Milestones Along the Way

Consider the way you were taught in school. You had assignments that would eventually lead up to the test which would eventually lead to a final and your overall grade. Each step was critical, but separate. Acknowledge the various milestones along the way toward achieving your goals.

Celebrate Small Victories

Beyond acknowledgement, consider celebration. Each of your victories, like passing a test, should be celebrated to give you an incentive to continue your education and pass the final exam with the same quality of each individual assignment. It is cumulative, but you can have multiple celebrations to keep you engaged.

Create an Accountability Group

Lastly, a tactic for reaching your goal that a lot of successful people have used is accountability. This is a group of people who know what your goal is and help cheer you along on the sidelines. It may be helpful to create a group for people with similar goals, such as losing weight or writing a novel, so you all are working toward the same end and can encourage and celebrate together.

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