They say it is just the first impression that counts, but you will actually make countless impressions over time even with the same group of people. When you arrive to work in the morning, your attitude and presentation will speak volumes to your coworkers for as long as you work together. What message are you sending when you show up for work every day? Let’s take another look.

Are you always or often late?

Arriving late for work is a significant problem and can be seen as terribly disrespectful to your coworkers. They may feel that, because you seem to arrive late every day without consequence, that you are receiving special treatment or that you don’t have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

Do you need your caffeine first thing?

Lots of people aren’t fond of mornings. It can be a challenge to interact with others before feeling fully awake and functioning. If you are the kind of person who can’t speak to those around you before you’ve had your morning coffee, it can be challenging for others to communicate with you even if they need to.

Are you flustered and disorganized?

Or maybe you arrive the in the morning to a messy desk and incomplete to do list. If you are stressed by the moment you arrive, you can make it difficult for others to want to work with you. Or, if your disorganization is making other projects late, then it can be extremely frustrating when you’re holding up the processes. Consider taking a few minutes in the afternoon before you leave to organize so you can arrive and get started.

Are you early and eager?

Some people are morning people. They get up early, have a complete breakfast, leave with plenty of time to arrive to work before required, and are ready to get right down to business. These people may have a harder time in the afternoon when their energy wanes naturally. Being fresh, bright, and chipper can send the right message to coworkers and management, but it can also have the opposite effect if you’re working with people who have vastly different personality types.

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