Everyone loves to be rewarded for hard work. It is no wonder that money is a top motivator for employees to stay productive and efficient, and that includes salaries and bonuses. But money isn’t everything, so what else can you do to encourage your staff to stay on top of their game. Here are some non-money incentives your company can implement to motivate your employees.

Additional Personal Time Off

Employees love a good salary that can give them the flexibility to save money, pay their way, and enjoy the things they love. But more precious than money is time. One statistic shows that most U.S. workers don’t even use all of their time off, but at the same time more workers wish they had the opportunity. An employer who recognizes that time away from the office is just as critical to performance and creativity is an employer people want to work for. Provide incentives for taking time off as well as additional time or flexible schedules for personal reasons.

Access to a Wellness Program

Healthier people are more productive and less stressed by the workplace. But few employers offer incentives to get and stay healthy. People want to exercise, but don’t feel they have the time. They want access to healthy lunches and snacks, but fast food and candy or chips are more convenient. People also often function in a state of dehydration because soda is more enticing than water. A company who invests in the health of their employee will see it paid back in increased productivity and engagement.

Effective Team Building Retreats

The idea of engaging in a team building event makes most employees cringe, but encouraging teamwork is a cornerstone of most businesses. The key is to plan events that will make everyone excited to participate rather than roll their eyes and try to think of being anywhere but there. Retreats, sports or music events, or company parties can all be better than ropes courses and ice breakers. Also, tailor it to your company culture. If adventure is a theme, consider something like white water rafting.

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