Most people never describe themselves as whelmed. Overwhelmed, however, seems to be a very common state of being for professionals. Stress is normal and natural, which can be good and bad, but knowing how to deal with it is the most important thing. As things are starting to get out of control, take a step back and consider these tips to keep you from feeling too overwhelmed.

Step Away From Technology

Just one email can send your day in a tail spin. Sure, it could be something important, but it will still be important when you’re done with what you’re doing right now. Don’t be a slave to your inbox. Don’t respond to texts as soon as you get them. Turn off your phone after hours to concentrate on your personal time.

Keep Lists

There is satisfaction in crossing off a task on your list before moving on to another. Every day, write down what you have to accomplish. Each time you finish one, cross it off. This can keep you on track and give you the satisfaction you crave when you can prove you’ve finished something important.

Get Some Fresh Air

If your head is swimming and you can’t think straight, it is time for a break, Go outside. If you can, take a walk or go to a park to clear you head. Even a short break can help you refocus and be ready to finish that task when you get back in the office.

Try Another Task

Maybe it is time to set that project aside and work on something else. Your brain is pretty complicated, and sometimes changing gears can help you with your focus. When you’ve completed the other task, see if your mindset has changed.

Ask for Help

When you are existing in a state of being overwhelmed, asking for help isn’t on your radar. But it needs to be. A fresh pair of eyes can help you find something you were missing in a task that is particularly taxing.

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