Online advice about accepting job offers seems to always be geared toward the job seeker. But what can employers learn about how to encourage a top candidate to accept their offer? You want this person in your business, but you always run the risk that they will accept another job or not be interested in yours. Before you make that next job offer, consider these ways to encourage someone to accept it.

Provide Financial Information

Financial viability is one of the most important criteria for a new employee. After the recession, many people are concerned about being in the same position facing layoffs in the future. Don’t give them a reason to be shy about accepting. Don’t keep financial information a secret. Be as open as you can about your company’s future.

Review Your Social Media

You probably looked at your candidate online before you invited them for an interview. Your potential candidate will want to do the same for you. Review all of your social media profiles and manage your online presence. To improve your website’s performance, keep a professional blog to position your company as a leader in your industry.

Host a Meet and Greet

“Fit” is often described as the most important quality a candidate can have. But how do you know if they “fit” with the rest of your staff after just an interview? Introducing them to other players in your office will also help humanize the position and give them a good reason to accept the job.

Tell Them Why You’re Looking

You have probably asked a candidate why they are interested in your job. But you can also tell them why you’re interested in a new candidate. Tell them why the job is open. Even if the reason is negative, you can give them a chance to position themselves as a solution to your problems. It can make them feel valued.

Provide a Strong Salary Offer

Where job offers sometimes fall apart is the salary negotiation. Some companies stick to an unrealistic budget without even looking at what the market pays. Do you research and listen to what the candidate asks for. Don’t let a great candidate walk away because you couldn’t agree on a figure that worked for both of you.

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