The Holiday season will be over before you know it. And in a world left covered in discarded wrapping paper, party hats, and 2017 noise makers, you’ll be left wondering what the New Year has in store for you. But before any of that happens, you should make a plan to end 2016 strong. Staffing agencies in Tampa, FL can help you find a new job or work with you to grow your business, so how can you start a plan that leads to success in the New Year? Here are some ideas to evaluate the year before and plan for the year ahead.

Avoid Distractions

The New Year is beginning soon, so now is the best time to refocus from parties and distractions to your career and business goals. Organize your holiday schedule so you can avoid late nights during the work week. This will make you better able to concentrate on your job at the end of the year. While it is tempting to spend more time celebrating and less time in the office, it can also impact the end of your year negatively. You don’t want to spend more time catching up after the January 1st.

Pick up the Slack

Everyone around you will be busy worrying about holiday plans and after work events. That means now is the perfect time to step up your own game. Take on more duties and help out if your co-workers are stressed about their schedule. Your boss will be pleased to see how dedicated you are to your career. You can share your success in a way that positions you to be in a leadership role after the first of the year.

Plan for 2017

The New Year is just a few days away and it is critical that you dive right back into work with a focused perspective. Plan now for goals throughout the year before January ends before you even know it. February and March are far too late to really prepare for your career goals and next thing you know it will already be the second quarter. Create a To Do list for your first week back after the holiday celebrations or vacation time. This will help you avoid stress so you can enjoy the winter holidays with your family and friends.

Find the Job That’s Right For You

Want to add some flexibility to your career? Earn extra income? Create a path to your dream career? You deserve to be treated as more than just another applicant. At StaffEx you’ll get personal attention, advice and guidance that will lead you to the right job. View our available jobs in Tampa or contact us today.

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