Recently, a user on Quora asked the question, “How do I know if I am taking the right job?”

People often wonder this and worry that they may make a bad decision and end up somewhere that isn’t a fit for them. This is even more important for candidates considering warehouse jobs in Tampa FL. Taking the right production position is as important as considering any other job. So how do you know if it is the right fit for you? Let’s take a closer look at the questions you should be asking.

What are their safety policies?

Beyond the scope of the job or any of the other information about the company, any person looking into a warehouse position should be aware of the safety policies of the company. Ask them about their training program. Find out if they have a dedicated safety manager? Ask the interviewer what happens in case of an emergency. If they are unable to answer your questions, it is a red flag and this might not be the right job.

Did you meet the supervisor or other employees?

It is true that warehouse employees are often treated differently than other corporate positions, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept that behavior. During the interview process, were you introduced to your direct supervisor? Were you shown the department where you would be working? Did you meet others who would be working in close proximity?

What is the turnover rate?

Another aspect of warehouse work that will make a big difference is how often they have to replace people in their warehouse. How long have the employees there currently worked for the company? Do they add seasonal workers only when extra hands are needed or do they often have to find replacement workers for the warehouse floor?

How do promotions work?

You may not want to work in the warehouse forever. And while you may not be gunning for a promotion in the first month, it is always good to know whether or not the company hires from within. Ask managers how long they have been with the company and in which positions they started so you can get a better idea of whether or not you can have a future with the organization.

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