The Supervisor of Elections relies on hundreds of well-trained, civic-minded individuals to be early voting poll workers for each election. Please review this material and decide if you are interested in becoming an early voting poll worker.
All poll workers must:

Be a registered voter in Hillsborough County.

Be able to read, write and speak English.

Have an email address and access to the internet and a computer.

Have transportation to the early voting site and to training classes.

Attend training or complete online training, whichever is required, before each election.

Abide by NO SMOKING policy in and around polling places on Election Day.

Endure at least an 8-hour day and deal patiently and courteously with voters and coworkers.

Be reliable and committed to the voting process.

Pass a post-training assessment to demonstrate working knowledge of laws and procedures relating to voter registration, voting system operation, balloting, polling place procedures, problem-solving and conflict-resolution

Go to to apply and then call our office at 813-443-5055

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