When you put so much time into a job and you’ve realized that you’re no longer satisfied, how do you know it is the right time to leave the company behind? There is a lot of advice available for the restless employees out there, and not all of it is great or useful. Leaving a job can be scary and painful and there are a lot of reasons to justify staying. So, how do you quit your job? How do you know when enough is enough? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Keep Track of Satisfied Days

The best time to know whether or not it is the right time to quit, and not just a bad day, is to track how many good days you have compared to bad ones. If you’re coming home in tears or frustrated more days than you’re not, you may need to make a critical change. If you are really that unhappy, take the leap for your sake and your family’s.

Remain Professional at All Times

Even if you are dissatisfied with your company, your boss, or your overall job, don’t throw a temper tantrum. Don’t suddenly decide to be unprofessional just because you don’t like your life in your current job. Burning bridges does not help you out in the long run and it is best to keep these relationships intact.

Review What You Really Want

Before you do make the leap, it may be good to review what you really want to be doing and where you may have gotten off track in your career. What would you want to do with your life if money were not a factor? This could help you determine what a better career path will be for you. Then, create a plan to make it happen.

Begin to Safely Network

Before you leave your current position, start networking in your next industry. Keep your search confidential to make sure that you don’t jeopardize your current position. However, there are some cases where quitting before you have another job is perfectly acceptable. Do what is best for you.

Be Thankful

Finally, don’t forget to be grateful for your experience. Even if you didn’t like your job, try to look at the things you learned or relationships you developed. Understand what you can take away from it and what lessons you’ve learned. This can help you stay positive during your job search, which will make you more attractive to your next employer.

Find the Job That’s Right For You

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