Do you sometimes look at your LinkedIn account with contempt? Maybe you just don’t know what to do with it. LinkedIn does have a purpose in today’s modern job landscape, but you can only get out if it what you put into it. Treating your LinkedIn like a digital, live resume will help you understand how the site works in context of networking. So why should you include your most recent, and past, achievements in your LinkedIn profile? Here’s a closer look.

You will attract potential employers.

You may not realize it, but employers are using LinkedIn to find employees. They are looking at your headline, your summary, and your job titles. By adding your accomplishments in any of these locations you will attract their attention and convince them not only to read more but to reach out to you. For instance, if your headline says, “Experienced Administrative Assistant,” you could change it to, “Recently Recognized as top Administrative Assistant for C-Level Executive.” They are going to want to know why and how you were recognized and may reach out to you.

You will keep track of your own details.

One big mistake that professionals make is that they don’t keep up with their own performance. Then, when it comes time to update a resume, they don’t remember details. A resume should be considered a living document, not just something you need when you’re looking for a job. LinkedIn is a great tool for this. Each time you accomplish something new with your career add it to your profile. Then, when you’re ready to edit your formal resume, all the information is at your fingertips.

You will keep your information refreshed.

For the same reason, it is always good to keep your information updated so you can attract new interest. In fact, you can set your profile to publish any changes you make to your network which can generate new interest from people who may have passed you by before. You should always be learning and doing new things so this can become a record of your accomplishments. New content will always attract more views to your profile.

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