You have one shot to attract the best employees to your open positions. Just like their resume will be the first marketing material to reach your desk, your job descriptions will be the first thing a potential employer sees to determine if they want to work for you. So how can you create a magnetic job description that will attract the very best candidates to your company? Here are some ways to write about Tampa Bay Jobs and bring in top talent.

Be Specific About the Job

Job candidates don’t respond well to vague information. They want to know exactly what the job is before they apply. This doesn’t mean you have to include a laundry list of duties or a day by day account of what happens, but it should be an honest representation of what the job actually is. Be descriptive, but also engaging in the way you describe the function.

Include the Benefits Available

The most important question you can answer is, “what is in it for me?” It is obvious that the candidate needs to sell their skills to you to be considered for the job, but they should also be given reasons to choose your company over your competitors. Share the benefits you offer which other companies may not be able to provide.

Get Input from Your Ream

Your staff knows the day to day function of your office in a different way than you do. So use that knowledge to create a job description that will attract candidates with similar personalities. What attracted them to your company? What makes them love their job? What do they expect from your company?

Show Requirements and Preferences

Make sure that you’re being clear about what is a requirement and what is a preference. Too often, companies try to rule people out of their jobs rather than rule them in. Be clear about what you expect someone to bring to the table and the things that would be nice to have.

Proofread and Spell Check

Finally, your job description, like a candidate resume, is the first impression you’ll make on a candidate. Make sure that your copy is clear, free of spelling errors, and grammatically correct. Many people skip this step assuming it is unimportant, but it really is the best way you can communicate how serious you are.

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