Your company culture may be your most valuable asset. It is the one thing that can set you apart from your competitors because it is unique to your environment, values, and current staff. When you’re seeking new employees to fill your open positions you can use your company culture to attract the right candidates to your door. Here are a few simple tips you can use to advertise your company culture.

  1. Appeal to the right audience. Every worker prefers a different sort of corporate environment. Some crave a fast paced workplace and some like to take things a little slower. Some prefer a casual office to an overly professional one. Some employees are seeking companies where they can keep their head down and get their job done without much social interruption. What is your company?
  2. Share your culture. When you’re developing postings for your open jobs, either on social media or the major job boards, be sure to include information about your company culture. Use language that showcases your specific company voice and really advertises to the job seeker what your organization stands for.
  3. Share the environment in the interview. Tour the facility, introduce several employees, and be genuine during the interview process. It will be pretty easy to spot which of the candidates respond positively to the company culture and which might not be a good fit.
  4. Consider flexible time. For most employees, personal time is worth more than raises, promotions, or other benefits. Consider adding flex time to your policies. You may allow candidates to come in the office before or after the rush hour commute and to leave in time to pick kids up from school. You may offer work from home opportunities. Or you could implement a results oriented workplace policy.
  5. Offer the right salary. Some experts are suggesting that the skills gap American employers are facing today has very little to do with the lack of skills and more about the tightening of the salary belts. When you find a candidate who you believe it is a perfect fit for the opportunity be sure to offer them a fair salary based on the competition in the area and typical pay for their skill set.

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