Are you stuck in your current job? How can you get out and where do you go from here? If you feel like you’re treading water without an island in sight you may have to make some drastic changes to your career path to find the right place for you to be. When your job is stagnant and stale, it can seem impossible to make changes. Here are some thoughts that can help you break out of the rut and take action. Consider these ways to make a change in your life.

Reassess Your Goals

When you were first starting out, you probably had a 5 or 10-year goal in mind for the future. It may have been a while since you’ve seriously thought about what you want to do with your life. Now is time to take stock of where you’ve been and what you really want to do in the future. First, make a list of all the skills you have accumulated throughout your career. Next, create another list of things you want to do. Now start to cross reference these and determine how you make your skills work for a new career path.

Try Something New

Many job seekers are frustrated when they learn that they have to have specific experience before starting a new job. But how do you get experience if you’ve never worked in that role before? The short answer is volunteering. Try something new by offering your skills to a local charity that can benefit from your background. Try on a few different options to see what you like best. This way you will have experience as well as a better perspective to help inform your future choices.

Learn Something New

The other option is to go back to school or get a new certification. You can sharpen your skills or start over completely. Try to take adult education classes to get started to see what you want to learn. You may also realize that these skills are very similar to things you already know how to do. Like with volunteering, you can try a few new things before deciding for sure on what you want to do.

Find the Job That’s Right For You

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