There are all kinds of things throughout our lives that will stump us. And this is true for your job search, career, or day to day activities. But what really happens when you are facing a mental block? And how do you recover before it is too late? There are often several steps that we skip or ignore, but these will be critical to solving the underlying problem. While you’re considering city of Tampa jobs, think about these ways to regroup when you’ve hit a mental roadblock.

Define the Problem

When you feel truly stuck it might not be for the reasons you think. Before trying to move forward, go back and define the problem. What are your biggest questions? What led you to this place? What are the stumbling blocks you’ve noticed along the way? You may find that the thing you thought was holding you back isn’t the actual problem. There may be snafus along the way that you can go back to and tweak to help you move forward.

Eliminate the Excuses

Another reason a roadblock gets in the way is because it stirs up your need to make excuses. It can’t be you causing this problem, right? Then it must be something else. But when we look at outside occurrences to become excuses for why we aren’t moving forward, we just paralyze ourselves even more. What are your excuses, and how can you stop telling them to yourself and others.

Avoid the Doubt

Another trap we fall into the not only causes mental roadblocks but keeps them firmly wedged in place is doubt. If we can’t figure out how to solve this problem, we can’t do anything. But doubt only serves to undermine our abilities. Even if it is taking a while to solve the problem, don’t let doubt creep in. Use others as a sounding board to help you re-think what it is you’ve been doing and give yourself a new perspective to help move forward.

Find the Job That’s Right For You

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