Do you have a long commute?

If so, you may arrive to work, and home again in the evening more stressed out than necessary. If you can’t change your commute, you can change the way you handle your commute to reduce stress and make that drive more enjoyable. StaffEx, one of the leading temp Agencies in Tampa, FL, offers these tips to improve your drive to and from work and be more relaxed and fulfilled.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

I’m sure we’re not the first to suggest that music during you commute will make you happier. Use an iPod or phone, Pandora radio with your favorite station or a CD player to choose only the music that makes you happy. Turn it up and sing along. Don’t worry if the other people at the stop light are staring at you funny.

Enjoy Books on Tape

Another option for the long drive is to catch up on some reading. But, in a safe way of course. Books on tape, or CD or your smartphone, are a better way to read those Harry Potter novels you’ve been putting off. Or try a new author you’ve never heard of. Or, select books that are read by your favorite celebrities. Audible is a worthwhile investment.

Learn a New Language

CDs or podcasts can help you learn a new skill while you’re driving anyway. While we may not recommend learning American Sign Language, since you don’t want to take your eyes off the road, other options are available. Learn Spanish or Japanese. These skills can even make you a more valuable professional in your field.

Find a Favorite Podcast

Speaking of podcasts, they don’t just have to be for learning a new skill. Whatever you like most, you can find a podcast about it. Movies, television, books, current events, history, or anything else. You can subscribe to a service like Audible or download podcasts from iTunes.

Consider Motivational Tools

Sales professionals often use their long drives to motivate themselves. Tony Robbins or Zig Zeigler are popular speakers that can help you be focused and positive. There are tons of options for motivational tools such as tapes, CDs, or even motivational podcasts.

Find the Job That’s Right For You

Want to add some flexibility to your career? Earn extra income? Create a path to your dream career? You deserve to be treated as more than just another applicant. At StaffEx you’ll get personal attention, advice and guidance that will lead you to the right job. View our available jobs in Tampa or contact us today.

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