Workplace trends come and go like any other fads. Some major companies transitioned from remote working options back to in-house, and others decided to embrace results oriented work from home. Some organization have determined that open workspaces are not conducive to productivity. This year, what will be the big trends your company should embrace for 2017? What can help your employees succeed and business boom? Here are some trends to consider from staffing services in Florida.

Improving Employee Engagement

The next generation of employees are no longer satisfied with a 9 to 5 work day and an eventual retirement plan. They want more. They want flexibility, career development, and community action. They want to be as engaged with the job as they are with their life outside of work. Companies who embrace this new normal will be in a better position to hire and succeed with the newest employees entering the job market.

Expansion of the Gig Economy

It is also important to realize that, since the recession and recovery, many talented individuals chose not to return to the traditional workforce. Freelance and independent contracting has become a bigger industry, though it was always an undercurrent in the professional scene. Working with independent contractors might be better for some jobs than others.

Abandonment of Traditional Annual Reviews

Another issue many employees have is the strict adherence to the tradition of the annual review. In truth, a successful employee wants feedback on a regular basis, not just once a year. You can completely eliminate this process, which no one really enjoys, and replace it with regular discussions about performance. You can also alter the relationship between raises and annual reviews and reward with more compensation in a different way.

Improving Employment Branding

Many companies today are also struggling with the idea of creating an employment brand. This is beyond your brand as a product or service, but how you advertise your company as a place that people want to work. You develop a positive environment and a good company culture, but you also have to share this with potential employees to attract them to the job.

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