There is probably not a single employee who likes to face their managers head-to-head in their performance reviews. But that language is exactly the reason so many people are afraid of this meeting. We treat it like a competition or a battle. A simple change of attitude can take all of the nervousness out of your performance review and put you in the driver’s seat. Here are just a few tips from staffing agencies in Florida to help calm your nerves.

Find Out What to Expect

Don’t be blindsided in the meeting itself. Throughout the year, check in with your managers to see how you’re doing and if there is anything you can improve upon. This way, when it comes time to meet for the annual review, you’ll be prepared and there shouldn’t be any major surprises.

Prepare for the Meeting

A performance review shouldn’t be one sided. Before you go into that meeting, prepare for it. Gather any information that can help you showcase what you’ve done and accomplished throughout the year. This can help you demonstrate your value, show them why they should consider a raise or promotion, and make it clear that you take your job and this process seriously.

Make Feedback a Two-Way Street

If you have any concerns about your job, the environment, coworkers, or your bosses, the performance review is the time to discuss them. Don’t be accusatory and don’t blind side them. Ahead of the meeting, tell them that you want to discuss some issues and give them an idea of what to expect. Then, during the meeting, you can discuss them rationally.

Review Your Accomplishments

Do you want to pump yourself up before the meeting? Get your adrenalin flowing in a positive way by reviewing your own accomplishment and showing yourself why you matter to the team and the company overall. Even if you don’t get to discuss all of them in the meeting, just reviewing what you’ve accomplished can help you prepare and be positive when you go for your review.

Avoid Surprises Throughout the Year

And, in a full circle, we come back to avoiding surprises. After your meeting, make sure that you don’t go back into a communication blackout period. Continuously discuss concerns, ideas, and triumphs with your supervisors and coworkers to avoid uncomfortable situations from ever occurring. The fewer surprises you have, the better things will be for everyone.

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