Recruiters and hiring managers can read over a thousand resumes a day. Red flags and simple mistakes can easily land your resume in the trash bin. Crafting a resume should take time and it is important to review frequently before you submit it to any employer. How can you avoid common mistakes in your resume? Here are some tips from professional recruiters.

  1. Don’t play games. Some applicants try to fool the resume reviewers by adding wider margins or double spacing a resume to increase the bulk. This can turn a brief one page resume into two pages with the hopes that beefed up content will get more views. Recruiters and hiring managers are smarter than that. A resume with two inch margins is going to look like someone was trying too hard.
  2. Don’t misspell company names. Editing your resume for spelling and grammar is important but what happens if you don’t remember how to spell a company name? This issue is more common than you might imagine. Don’t simply guess. You have the tools available to you to look up the information and spell company names correctly. If you do not you will show the reviewer that you don’t have any attention to detail.
  3. Don’t be inconsistent. You may be providing a number of facts and figures throughout the resume. Be sure that you pay attention to the little things and keep the same format throughout. For instance, if you decide to spell out a number stick with that plan. Don’t change the format of dollar amounts from $1 million to $1,000,000 or any variation.
  4. Don’t skip any requirements. Before you sit down to reply to a job posting thoroughly read the information to make sure you don’t miss any steps. The company may request a certain format or some specific information in your cover letter. Often these requirements are supplied as ways to determine who can follow directions so don’t get caught in the trap.

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